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MN Homeschool Testing Resources

Minnesota law requires that all children between ages 7-16 must take a standardized, norm-referenced achievement test. Homeschoolers in Minnesota may choose either written tests like the California Achievement Test or the oral Peabody Individual Achievement Test.
The following describes some testing resources available:

The California Achievement Test


The Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT)

The PIAT or "Peabody" is a standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement test that is administered orally by a trained examiner. The testing experience is casual and unintimidating for the child, making it a popular test among homeschoolers. It takes 60-90 minutes to administer and score the test, but the exams are not timed. Assessment is completed in the following areas: Reading, Math, Spelling, Science, Social Studies and Humanities. The test is non-bracketed which means the results will indicate a child's grade level from K-12 in the different subtests, rather than only providing achievement level for the child's grade. Testing is available year-round. Testing sessions may be arranged with the following examiners. Testing locations and fees may vary.
Ann Mathews-Lingen
MSW, LGSW, (651) 503-9262, a.mathewslingen@comcast.net
St. Paul, metro area and outstate by arrangement, evening and Saturday appts. available
Kim Jaworski
(651) 552-0044, HsRSpecialist@yahoo.com
metro area & outstate by arrangement
Barb Windholz
(651) 554-3042
metro area and outstate by arrangement
Beth Skwira
(651) 306-9623, carkim@earthlink.net
metro area
Helen Dougherty-Wakeman
(651) 770-1223
metro area
Judy Vermeulen
(651) 786-4040, testingbyjudy@aol.com
Twin Cities area
Julie Ritter
(651) 631-1443, djritterclan@usfamily.net
New Brighton & other metro locations by arrangement
Lisa Paschen
(952) 236-4038, lisa@paschencommunications.net
metro area
Wendy & Jonathan Friesen
(763) 229-5897, friesenpeabody@yahoo.com
metro area and outstate by arrangement
Michelle Sullivan
(651) 257-6719
Forest Lake area
Kim Doerfler
(952) 891-1628 kim4cm@frontiernet.net
South Suburbs, Farmington & Northfield area
Sara Floerke
(218) 624-7421, sarafloerke@charter.net
Duluth area
Betsy Trout
(320) 203-4478, betsyjim@charter.net
St. Cloud, Detroit Lakes and Central MN area
Testers listed above: Please contact us if there are any changes to your contact information, or if you would like to be removed from this list.

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